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Journal of International Economic Law


JIEL Selection of IEL Resources on the Web, Journal of International Economic Law,
Vol. 6, No. 1, pp. 271-272 (2003)


" is probably the most
comprehensive online resource for WTO Law.
 . .. [It] is probably the only privately owned
site on World Trade Law with a coverage
as significant as the WTO's official site."


by the Cornell Law Library

Vol. 8, No. 10, February 17, 2003

"All in all, this is an impressive online resource."


Claude Barfield,

American Enterprise Institute

as quoted in Bruce Stokes, "Guide to the Web: Trade,"
National Journal, December 6, 2003, p. 3686

"It's a great reference, with in-depth analysis.
You can get the full case,  as well as an unbiased
commentary on the legal implications of the decision."


GAO Report to the Ranking Minority Member,
Committee on Finance, U.S. Senate

"World Trade Organization:
Standard of Review and Impact of Trade Remedy Rulings"
GAO-03-824 (July 2003), page 40


In completing its report on the standard of review
in WTO trade remedy cases, the GAO utilized
 the Dispute Settlement Commentaries
provided by


Marci Hoffman,
International & Foreign Law Librarian,
Georgetown University Law Center

International Journal of Legal Information,
Vol. 30, No. 3, pp. 535-538 (2002

"I think this web site is a worthwhile addition to any
collection of research tools on international trade law ... .
... the subscription materials are well worth the money
for any library, organization, or law firm that needs to
delve deeply into the world of WTO panels and AB reports.
The commentaries are a convenient way to get
to the heart of the legal issues since most of the
panels and reports are quite lengthy and complex.
Having access to these materials has solved many
a research problem for my students and faculty."


Mitsuo Matsushita,
former WTO Appellate Body Member

Journal of the Japanese Institute of International Business Law,
Vol. 30, No. 7, p. 1007 (2002)

"... this is a truly useful service for academics
and practitioners of WTO issues."
(Translated from Japanese)


Journal of International Economic Law


Web Site Survey - Part I, Journal of International Economic Law,
Vol. 5, No. 1, pp. 252-253 (2002)

"[The Dispute Settlement Commentary subscription service]
has already been judged to be very valuable by many
trade law experts in government, private practice and academia.
... [The] Commentaries are very well structured ... ."


Professor John Jackson,
Georgetown University Law Center

as quoted in Bruce Stokes, "Guide to the Web: Trade,"
National Journal, No. 49, p. 3787, December 8, 2001

"It's accurate and authoritative. 
It's a convenient way to get to other material on the Web,
and it works better than a search engine."


Bruce Stokes,
National Journal

"Guide to the Web: Trade," National Journal,
No. 49, p. 3787, December 8, 2001

"The site provides ... excellent summaries ... of all WTO cases ... ."


Professor William P. Alford,
Harvard Law School

Cambridge, MA, October 10, 2001

"'s Dispute Settlement Commentary
provides a much needed resource for those who want to
keep up with and understand WTO dispute settlement.
It was designed by two skilled practitioners who
appreciate the various needs of students, faculty,
government attorneys, private sector attorneys and NGOs.
They cover all the bases."