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Article 21.3(c) "Reasonable Period of Time" Arbitration Awards

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Article 21.3(c) Awards Database

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Decision Complainants
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DS Number Circulation Arbitrator Award DSC
China - GOES (21.3(c))United States414May 03, 2013Ehlermann8 months, 15 daysDSC
U.S. - COOL (21.3(c))Canada, Mexico384,386Dec 04, 2012Sacerdoti10 monthsDSC
Colombia - Ports of Entry (21.3(c))Panama366Oct 02, 2009Sacerdoti8 months, 15 daysDSC
U.S. - Stainless Steel (Mexico) (21.3(c))Mexico344Oct 31, 2008Feliciano11 months, 10 daysDSC
Brazil - Tyres (21.3(c))European Communities332Aug 29, 2008Taniguchi12 monthsDSC
Japan - DRAMS CVDs (21.3(c))Korea336May 05, 2008Unterhalter8 months, 2 weeksDSC
U.S. - Zeroing (Japan) (21.3(c))Japan322May 11, 2007FelicianoAgreement reached by parties -- report of proceedings issued, but no award madeDSC
EC - Chicken Classification (21.3(c))Brazil, Thailand269,286Feb 20, 2006Bacchus9 monthsDSC
EC - Sugar Subsidies (21.3(c))Australia, Brazil, Thailand265,266,283Oct 28, 2005Ganesan12 months, 3 daysDSC
Dominican Republic - Cigarettes (21.3(c))Honduras302Aug 29, 2005LockhartAgreement reached by parties -- report of proceedings issued, but no award madeDSC
U.S. - Gambling Services (21.3(c))Antigua and Barbuda285Aug 19, 2005Ehlermann11 months, 2 weeksDSC
U.S. - OCTG Sunset Reviews (21.3(c))Argentina268Jun 07, 2005Ganesan12 monthsDSC
U.S. - Final Lumber AD Determination (21.3(c))Canada264Dec 13, 2004LockhartAgreement reached by parties -- report of proceedings issued, but no award madeDSC
EC - Tariff Preferences (21.3(c))India246Sep 20, 2004Lockhart14 months, 11 daysDSC
U.S. - Offset Act ("Byrd Amendment") (21.3(c))Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, European Communities, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Thailand217,234Jun 13, 2003Taniguchi11 monthsDSC
Chile - Agricultural Products (Price Band) (21.3(c))Argentina207Mar 17, 2003Lockhart14 monthsDSC
U.S. - Line Pipe Safeguards (21.3(c))Korea202Jul 26, 2002TaniguchiAgreement reached by parties -- report of proceedings issued, but no award madeDSC
U.S. - Hot-Rolled Steel from Japan (21.3(c))Japan184Feb 19, 2002Feliciano15 monthsDSC
Argentina - Bovine Hides (21.3(c))European Communities155Aug 31, 2001Feliciano12 months, 12 daysDSC
Canada - Patent Term (21.3(c))United States170Feb 28, 2001Ehlermann10 monthsDSC
U.S. - 1916 Act (21.3(c))European Communities, Japan136,162Feb 28, 2001Ganesan10 monthsDSC
U.S. - Copyright (21.3(c))European Communities160Jan 15, 2001Lacarte-Muro12 monthsDSC
Canada - Autos (21.3(c))European Communities, Japan139,142Oct 04, 2000Lacarte-Muro8 monthsDSC
Canada - Pharmaceuticals (21.3(c))European Communities114Aug 18, 2000Bacchus6 monthsDSC
Chile - Alcohol (21.3(c))European Communities87,110May 23, 2000Feliciano14 months, 9 daysDSC
Korea - Alcohol (21.3(c))European Communities, United States75,84Jun 04, 1999Ehlermann11 months, 2 weeksDSC
Australia - Salmon (21.3(c))Canada18Feb 23, 1999El-Naggar8 monthsDSC
Indonesia - Autos (21.3(c))European Communities, United States54,55,59,64Dec 07, 1998Beeby12 monthsDSC
EC - Hormones (21.3(c))Canada, United States26,48May 29, 1998Lacarte-Muro15 monthsDSC
EC - Bananas (21.3(c))Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, United States27Jan 07, 1998El-Naggar15 months, 1 weekDSC
Japan - Alcohol (21.3(c))Canada, European Communities, United States8,10,11Feb 14, 1997Lacarte-Muro15 monthsDSC
Records: 31

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Explanatory Notes

DSU Article 21.3 provides:

At a DSB meeting held within 30 days11 after the date of adoption of the panel or Appellate Body report, the Member concerned shall inform the DSB of its intentions in respect of implementation of the recommendations and rulings of the DSB. If it is impracticable to comply immediately with the recommendations and rulings, the Member concerned shall have a reasonable period of time in which to do so. The reasonable period of time shall be:

(a) the period of time proposed by the Member concerned, provided that such period is approved by the DSB; or, in the absence of such approval,

(b) a period of time mutually agreed by the parties to the dispute within 45 days after the date of adoption of the recommendations and rulings; or, in the absence of such agreement,

(c) a period of time determined through binding arbitration within 90 days after the date of adoption of the recommendations and rulings.12  In such arbitration, a guideline for the arbitrator13 should be that the reasonable period of time to implement panel or Appellate Body recommendations should not exceed 15 months from the date of adoption of a panel or Appellate Body report. However, that time may be shorter or longer, depending upon the particular circumstances.

11    If a meeting of the DSB is not scheduled during this period, such a meeting of the DSB shall be held for this purpose.

12    If the parties cannot agree on an arbitrator within ten days after referring the matter to arbitration, the arbitrator shall be appointed by the Director-General within ten days, after consulting the parties.

13    The expression "arbitrator" shall be interpreted as referring either to an individual or a group.


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